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Caroline Philippone is a visual artist specializing in photography. Although working as a special collections photographer in her day job, her personal work lies in mainly traditional photographic processes. These include Gelatin Silver, Van Dyke, Salted Paper printing, and Cyanotype. She has six years of photographic teaching experience in higher education, but currently is focused on community arts outreach programs, serving as an extension of her Community Arts Training Fellowship with the Regional Arts Commission.

She is has exhibited both locally and nationally, and most recently had her third solo show, American Dreams, which focused on teenage Immigrants who are seeking a better life in the United States. She likes long term photographic projects best; regularly spanning years before calling them complete, and if allowed would spend a lifetime with all her subjects.

She holds a MFA and MA in Photography from Fontbonne University, and holds a Master’s in Educational Technology and a BA in Commercial Photography from Webster University. She proudly lives and works in her native city of Saint Louis, MO.

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