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Caroline Philippone is a proud Saint Louis native who recently moved to Houston, Texas. Working as an art objects photographer in her daytime position, her personal work has become more focused on experimenting within the medium of both digital photography and traditional photographic process. 

In addition to digital based creations, she currently works out of her bathroom apartment to process film, and makes hand coated prints utilizing traditional Cyanotype, Van Dyke, and Salted Paper Printing processes. 

She has exhibited throughout the United States, and in early 2020 had her third solo show "American Dreams," which bookended a four year project focusing on the hopes of teenage immigrants in the United States as they navigate their new country. Earlier this year she showed new pieces from a work "Persona," which focused on personal memories and hidden identity as a child whose parent belonged in a the LGBTQ community, and would chose both male and female partners in her formative years. 

She holds a MFA and MA in Photography/Studio Art from Fontbonne University, and holds a Master’s in Educational Technology and a BA in Commercial Photography from Webster University. 

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